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Trusted experience

International business activity is on the rise, and so is the frequency of crime, civil unrest and terrorism. This increases the need for organizations to protect their employees and families, facilities and other valuable assets.

DTI offers crisis management training that can help clients assess, manage and respond appropriately to crises in all parts of the world. Our consultants have unique experience in incident response, wrongful detention, kidnaps-for-ransom, extortion and malicious product tampering that contribute to effective risk-management plans for our clients.

Our Experts are fluent in tactics and culture
Our consultants know how to prepare for and manage high-risk environments. They are tactical experts, with career experience that includes the FBI, foreign service police and military.

Beyond those credentials, the consultants know the local culture, history and religion to their assigned areas. These factors make our crisis management plans even more effective.

Around-the-clock support is available
Onsite support is essential during a crisis so we make it a priority to send a consultant to the site as soon as we learn of an event. With 24-hour response support available, clients can have trusted experience on their management team almost immediately.

Our services include ongoing telephone support to address security questions and concerns in non-crisis situations.

Training enables effective response
No one can predict a crisis, but organizations can successfully respond by being prepared. Clients can reduce their risk, loss and injury by offering our pre-incident training sessions to their employees, consultants and families.