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Securing your information is paramount

Information Technology Security is an essential component in the war against terror. The key to communicating efficiently and safely without worrying about breaches in your network is to protect and secure all email, phone, data and network traffic from external and internal threats. Acquiring data from other IT sources and networks are also an extremely vital part of IT Security.

Here at DTI we have some of the best IT professionals in the world. Depending on your company’s needs we can deploy an individual or an entire team to help you reach your IT goals. Each IT professional can provide an initial risk assessment of the current IT infrastructure, determine a plan of action and guide you through the changes and reconfiguration of your network.

DTI can assess your current IT infrastructure to ensure proper security requirements have been met. We also can recommend advanced intrusion detection systems, firewalls, antivirus systems and network traffic monitoring programs. These programs focus on spotting and reducing threats to IT assets such as computers, databases, networks and devices to guarantee the highest level of IT security possible. Risk assessments will also include recommendations for securing the current IT infrastructure, changing programs/hardware to meet your needs, limiting access to the network and equipment, and recommendations for new equipment and software.

Using proprietary software owned by DTI, the IT staff can provide assistance in “red teaming” an IT system or network to assess its readiness. DTI can provide these unannounced assessments of your current network to find possible threats or loopholes in your current infrastructure and provide recommendations to fix them and prevent a possible network breach and data loss.

Most companies perform red teaming to identify critical vulnerabilities and understand threats within their own IT environment, but DTI can provide assistance in red teaming directed toward retrieving critical information related to many types of threats, ranging from domestic homeland security threats to international high-security terrorist threats.