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Customized training programs

Security threats come in a variety of forms and are no longer confined to high-risk environments. As a result, training has become a top priority for organizations worldwide.

High-quality, security training programs are essential to mitigating risk and protecting an organization’s most valuable assets – its people. An organization’s readiness and ability to assess and respond appropriately to a perceived threat depends on the quality of its training.

DTI works with clients to design employee training programs in a range of topics. Our professional trainers can lead sessions for protective security, technology integration, information operations, intelligence analysis and fusion, anti-kidnapping and anti-piracy. We also can provide training for crisis response teams, military and police units.

DTI works with clients to design customized Counter Insurgency, Intelligence, and Security Assistance training programs in a broad range of topics.

  • Anti-Kidnapping
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Anti-Terrorist Awareness
  • Border Security
  • Comprehensive Security Solutions
  • Counterinsurgency Advisory and Assistance Training (CAAT)
  • Crisis and Risk Management
  • Fusion Center
  • Intelligence Analysis and Fusion
  • Law Enforcement
  • Maritime Security
  • Protective Security
  • Vulnerability assessments

* Current initiatives: Brazil Oil & Gas Industry