Drop Test International, LLC (DTI) is a Comprehensive Security Assessment Solutions and Advisory Company providing advisory and training support to governments, non-governmental organizations and private entities faced with organized violence.

DTI uses a variety of strategies and methods

DTI’s strategies use an array of options that can include the fusion of intelligence and operations, police and military training, surveillance and counter-surveillance, technology support packages, anti-kidnapping, K-9 detection services, transportation assets and maritime security assistance and anti-piracy measures.

Integrated approach also applies to traditional security needs

In addition to counterinsurgency, DTI and its strategic partners provide integrated security solutions for a wide variety of traditional security needs. DTI offers security support packages that will help host nations protect strategic assets such as transportation and communication systems, power plant operations and pipeline systems.

Changing world requires trusted, experienced security

DTI gives careful attention to the political, economic, cultural, religious and terrorism-related challenges throughout the world. With that knowledge, DTI designs country-specific strategies to gain widespread popular support for the nation’s anti-terrorism-counterinsurgency efforts through the use of soft power.

DTI has the ability to work at all US classification levels.

Who We Support

U.S. Government – Federal Contracts
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of State
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Other Federal Agencies
Foreign Governments
Private Companies

Software assists with waterway security

Through its subsidiary DTI Global Security (DTI GS), DTI also offers technical security solutions for oil and gas pipelines, as well as coastal and inter-coastal waterways. Using integration software to help pursue hostile threats, DTI GS provides training and technology packages to assist host governments in counter-smuggling and counter-narcotics campaigns.

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What We Do

  • Counterinsurgency Advisory & Assistance
    Team (CAAT)
  • Fusion Center
  • Comprehensive Security Solutions
Training Programs
  • Anti-Terrorist Awareness
  • Risk Management
  • Technology